Growth Solutions Consultants LLC


The Heart


People are the heart of your company. Without people you have no company, and without people you have no customers. Without people, there is no need for the company. Growth Solutions Consultants works to improve the heart.

A great company focuses by knowing what their purpose is, what their desired future looks like, what they do, how they do it, what they hold as values, what their competitive advantage is, what their brand means, and who their customers are. They grow by creating a strategy to achieve the vision, exploring the growth opportunities within the boundaries created by the strategy, defining the new product, prototyping, substantiating, implementing and finally maximizing the life of the product in the market. As they do this work they learn, and return the learnings back to improve their strategy. And the cycle repeats.

A great company focuses their people by teaching them the company purpose, by painting the picture of the future, by aligning the employee with the company values, by using the employee to achieve competitive advantage and by teaching them how to protect and build the company brand. The great company has an employee development process as an intrinsic part of how work gets done, continually comparing what the company needs to what the employee wants to do and providing the learning opportunity for the employee so in their work accomplishment they are also growing to meet the future needs of the company. The great employee exploits the opportunities given to them. 

This Work – Learn – Grow cycle is at the heart of the great organization. Growth Solutions Consultants custom designs this process for its clients so the heart beat is strong.