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Andrew J Smiltneek, President

Vacuum Presentations

Here are the places where and events at which I have presented in the last 4 years:

Andritz Corporation - Janesville, Wisconsin - December 15, 2015 - Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Overview for the Tissue MakerAndritz was very nice to host this event

Tissue World New Orleans  March 16, 2016. - Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Energy Savings

PaperCon 2016 Cincinatti, Ohio May 18, 2016 - Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Energy Savings

Baisch Engineering June 1, 2016. This was a lunch and learn designed for the practicing engineer and technician. It was well received and Baisch provided a nice lunch. This was an expanded version of the talk I gave in New Orleans.

Lake States TAPPI/North Central PIMA 2016 Energy Forum Nov 2, 2016- Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Energy Savings - This was attended by about 100 people, and was similar but improved from the two previous presentations under the same name.

PaperCon 2017 Minneapolis, Minnesota April 23, 2017 Section Chair and Presenter for Vacuum Systems and Energy Optimization with Jussi Latinen of Runtech covering Blowers and Roland Gong, Assistant Professor of Paper Science at University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, covering the basics of water removal in the press section. I covered the liquid ring vacuum pump  basics and water balance sections in my presentations.

Tissue World Americas, Miami Beach, Florida, March 22, 2018, Tissue Press Section Air and Water Balance

TAPPI Tissue 2018 October 3 and 4, 2018. I presented 3 papers at this conference; Water Removal Energy Analysis, Vacuum Pump Performance, Efficiency and Energy; and Felt Section Water Balance. 

Finally, I have two presentations scheduled this year, Tissue World in Milan Italy where I will again present the Tissue Press Section Air and Water Balance in March and  Specialty Papers in Indianapolis where I will present Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Fundamentals

Where's your heart?

In his book "The Coming Jobs War" Gallup's CEO reports that their surveys say 28% of the American workforce is "engaged", the middle 53% is "not engaged" and 19% is "actively disengaged". If you can reach half of the middle, you will double your output! This is your heart, how healthy is it in your organization?